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We develop online professional resumes including a portfolio. It will show your work experience, studies, trainings, recommendations and it would also be linked to social media, Linkedin, mail and WhatsApp.

It can be online in several languages ​​at the same time, which allows you to share it easily with people from anywhere. A Blog can be included to upload articles or news. They are easy to navigate, attractive and much cheaper than the development of a traditional website, a great option for freelancers.

Aquí podes conocer el diseño definido para este servicio, cambian los colores en función de las imágenes que nos proveas:

View Profile - Carla
View Profile - Nicolás




  • Profile desing
  • Responsive website, adapted design to different devices
  • WhatsApp direct contact
  • Direct access to social media
  • Contact form
  • Design and configuration of the automatic e-mail sent to clients when they leave a message through the contact form
  • Portfolio
  • Studies
  • Languages
  • Skills
  • Recommendations
  • 30 images
  • Analytics
  • Submiting the website to search engines
  • Firewall
  • Backup Diario
  • Website optimization through performance tests
  • Soporte técnico servidor donde se aloja el perfil

¿Qué necesitan para poder desarrollar mi perfil online?

  • Content and photos provided by the customer


¿Cuándo estará listo mi perfil profesional?

  • Delivery time: 15 days after receiving together Images and Written content.


¿Tengo que hacer algún pago una vez terminado mi perfil?

  • Alojamiento del Perfil: un pago anual anticipado de 52USD  o 8usd por mes, en ambos casos, a abonar en pesos
  • Dominio un pago anual de: .COM 20USD a abonar en pesos / .AR $25.500.- / .COM.AR $8.500.-


¿Qué otras ventajas ofrece mi perfil profesional online?

  • It is possible to include a blog to upload articles
  • The profile can be translated and viewed in different languages

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