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Website Development
Desarrollo Sitio Web - NDT Marine
Website Development
Desarrollo Sitio Web - JGG Courier
Website Development
Sitio Web
Sitio Web Ferrara - Menú Online
Website Development
Sitio web desarrollado por freakoffice
Sitios web desarrollado freakoffice
Sitio Web
Sitio Web

Website Development


  • Landing page design
  • Responsive website, adapted design to different devices
  • WhatsApp direct contact
  • Direct access to social media
  • Contact form
  • Design and configuration of the automatic e-mail sent to clients when they leave a message through the contact form
  • Google map showing the company location (optional)
  • Image gallery (optional)
  • Up to 20 images
  • Analytics
  • Submiting the website to search engines
  • Backup
  • Website optimization through performance tests



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¿Qué necesitan para poder desarrollar mi sitio web?

  • El cliente debe proveer el logo alta resolución, el contenido y las imágenes/fotos.
  • Las imágenes de la galería o de productos deben ser de al menos 800 x600 pixeles.
  • Tener en cuenta que el sitio llevara al menos una portada de 1920 x1080 pixeles.


¿Cuándo estará lista mi página?

  • Tiempo de entrega:  15 días desde recibido todo el material (logo, contenido, fotos).


¿Tengo que hacer algún pago una vez terminado mi sitio?

  • Mensualmente el alojamiento tiene un costo de $4.600 pesos
  • Dominio al segundo año, un pago de 20USD a abonar en pesos
  • Hosting al segundo año, un pago de 96USD a abonar en pesos
  • Incluye mantenimiento del servidor donde se aloja el sitio
  • No incluye Soporte técnico mensual, ni modificaciones


We offer to develop a simple, complete website, easy to navigate and attractive for users, so that you can capture their interest and make them want to hire your services.

It will be your business presentation. If everything looks and works as it should, it will improve the image and prestige of your company.

Among many benefits, having presence on the world wide web will be efficient advertising, a key on sales growth. Afterwards, if you want, you can hire a paid advertising space on a website or use social networks to redirect customers to your webpage.

You will be able to keep your clients up to date of all your progress, whether you are going to change any companie´s policy, perhaps launch a new product or offer new services or promotions.

You never know when a potential customer might appear. Not only you will have an operational space 24 hours a day, but you also may expand the business to other cities. More over this, it let you open to national and international markets and in some cases, even do bussiness without a physical office.

Our work in detail will make a big difference.

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